Unique Consultants & Engineers is an outsourcing service consulting firm for Quantity Surveying, Project Planning and Structural Designing based in Hyderabad, India. UCE is managed by professional and well experienced Quantity surveyors, Project Planners and Structural Designers.


The main aim to start UCE is to give our clients a trusted service to ease their work through outsourcing model.

Why Choose us UNIQUE

Consultants & Engineers

The main reason why outsourcing work is advantageous that outsourcing helps both start-up businesses as well as companies that are in the process of expanding their operations.

Outsourcing work is also advantageous for companies who find that the workload of the existing team has increased beyond a certain limit.

The good news is that there are a lot of companies that can help you outsource your business so it would be expedient to outsource your business work as it help them to conserve resources and cut costs at the same time.

Below are some more outsourcing advantages.

  • Increased productivity for your team.
  • Short term replacement for your team.
  • Reduce overheads.
  • Comparison of the work.
  • Spare up for your team to focus other commitments.