Guide to Buying Your First Motorcycle

Are you looking to buy your first motorcycle? You are probably thrilled by the experience. However, with new models and brands of chinese motorcycle and scooters available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one. The following are the steps you should follow to purchase the right motorcycle for you.

Determine Your Needs

A motorcycle does not have adjustable features such as a steering wheel, seat, and more. This explains why you need to be careful when buying a motorcycle. You should get what suits you and feels right. However, what looks great at the showroom might be different from what you feel when on the road trip. Make sure you understand the various types of motorcycles. For instance, there are sports bikes, electric bikes, standard motorcycles, and more. If you like riding at higher speeds, then you should get a sport bike. There are also cruisers but these are not ideal for beginners. These are designed for long-distance trips.


Since you are spending a lot of money buying a motorcycle, you should do some research. Before you purchase any given bike, you should learn a lot of things concerning it. For instance, you need to know the model, where to get spare parts, and where to get them serviced. You have a duty to know everything concerning your bike.


You need to consider its power. Since you are buying your first motorcycle, you should avoid going overboard. It is advisable to purchase a bike below 500cc. Some manufacturers even make bikes for new riders. You should start small and then try bigger bikes later on.

Seat Height

The seat height is a vital thing to consider when purchasing a new bike. Since you are starting out, you should check whether you can place both your feet on the pavement. This will help you to build your confidence. This is also the case if your bike is heavy.

Bike Weight

Once you choose the right type of motorcycle you need, make sure you consider its weight. Remember that you are the one riding the bike. Usually, the higher the displacement the heavier the bike. However, this is not always the case, as some bikes are light but have modest displacement.


Before buying your first bike, you should have it inspected by an expert. If you have any questions, make sure they are answered by the expert. This will help you gather more details about the motorcycle before spending your hard-earned money.


When purchasing your first motorcycle, you should only buy what you can afford. If you are using it to commute to work or for business, then you should consider it as an investment. In that case, you should get a motorcycle that suits that purpose. Sometimes it makes sense to spend more to get a quality motorcycle. You should note that some brands are more expensive than others. However, this does not mean they are better than others. Always research and consider the above factors to make a sound decision.



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